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Zagrebi linnapea avasõnad

Large enough to call it a metropolis and small enough for a pleasant life, our city has been living under the protection of the Sljeme slopes and in the calming presence of the river Sava valley with its clean, clear water for centuries.

Awaken your curiosity and discover why travellers in transit end up wishing to stay for a couple more days, why those that do stay frequently come back and why those that experience the pulse and the life of Zagreb wish to stay forever.

People and nature in Zagreb live in harmony. Our desire to reach the optimal balance of pleasant life and productive work has always come first.

Zagrebi linnapea avasõnad

The city administration is rapidly developing the standards suitable for its citizens and we strive to provide optimal business conditions for our guests and partners, as well as uncover the attributes to our visitors that our Zagreb holds pride in.

As mayor, and just the first among equals, I have been advocating for the rule of excellence, competitiveness and security in this area for over a decade now.

Your Mayor, Milan Bandić